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Hi! I am Jose R. Alaniz, Jr. owner and operator of Third Day Coffee Seguin. I am raising money for my friend and mentor's non-profit LF Missions, Inc. Ashley Williams and his family are absolutely moving as the hands and feet of Jesus as the Bible instructs us to. They are lifting up the community they have their coffee farm in, in Honduras. Bringing simple things such as sanitation, ventilation and education to the local community they operate in. 

Please follow the link below and read, share and donate!

God Bless.

LF Missions exists to empower people in the Cerro Bueno community to work and make an honest living for them and their families. Donations of money, Bibles, equipment, medicines, and time, all go toward this end—and the greater end—To glorify God.

While our first priorities are empowering people  with meaningful work and education, the ultimate goal is that the people have an opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus and the church. Jesus went around feeding, healing and teaching about the Kingdom. We can do no less!

The goal for this year is to complete the church building, library and clinic and fund the Pastor's salary and the operating costs for one year. Ground has already been broken but money is needed to proceed and complete the projects. Please consider helping fund this Godly mission. 

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